Recent Activity

News items are listed below for events and activities that have happened since the last newsletter. You can also find interesting ideas, comments and contacts in the previously distributed newsletters by visiting them on The Kesho Trust main website.

The New Child and Nature Alliance!

The 2009 Get Outside! forum was a tremendous success! Now many groups and individuals are coming together to form a new alliance around the challenge of connecting children with nature. The Kesho Trust was the seed and initial energy for this effort from the beginning. Please check out the new Child & Nature Alliance website.

Nature Child Reunion Initiative

Currently The Kesho Trust is focusing their efforts on a successful launch of the new Child & Nature Alliance, supporting the excellent work of the Children & Nature Network and assisting the Young Naturalists Club of British Columbia with board development and fundraising.

To keep up to date on any happenings related to British Columbia and Canadian initiatives related to children and nature please visit the website for the Child & Nature Alliance. An international and American perspective is available through the Children & Nature Network. The Young Naturalist Club focuses their efforts on re-engaging young children with nature through direct experience.

Richard Louv’s Thoughts

Richard Louv’s blog Field Notes from the Future remains current and is a collection of his articles and current thinking. His blog and other information related to Richard Louv can be found at: Field Notes for the Future