February Dialogue 2007

13-minute video collage from the 2017 gathering

In February 2007, the Kesho Trust, in cooperation with Mountain Equipment Co-op, Royal Roads University, and the University of Victoria, sponsored a dialogue focused on finding ways to significantly expand the engagement of children with nature in BC.

group photo of the participants at the Government House

group photo of the participants at the Government House

photo of Richard Louv in Victoria

Richard Louv at the dialogue

Richard Louv, the inspiration for the initiative, highlighted the thesis of his latest book, Last Child in the Woods, at a public talk held on February 20th at the University of Victoria. His challenge was to find ways amidst growing pressures of fear, structured time, and artificial environments, to ensure that today’s generation have the opportunities to find their special places in nature and experience their own special sense of wonder that comes from exploring the natural world.

photo of the participants in session at Royal Roads University

the participants in session at Royal Roads University

cover of the summary document

Over the following two days, more than 50 invited practitioners met at Royal Roads University to take up the challenge that Richard Louv articulated and formulated ideas on what actions could be implemented throughout British Columbia. Participants came from many different organizations and backgrounds, all with a keen interest in engaging children and families with nature. Download a PDF summary of the event. Her Honour Iona Campagnolo, Lieutenant Governor of BC, hosted a dinner and conversation during the workshop. Her passion and commitment to the ideas under discussion were obvious in her remarks to the participants. Read her speech here.

photo of participants inconversation at the Government House evening

Bob Peart, Kristine Lampa, Zanita Lukezich and Shannon Bradley in conversation at the Government House evening

The key organizers and contact people for the event were:

University of Victoria Royal Roads University Mountain Equipment Co-op The Kesho Trust

Many other organizations and groups participated in the event and are strong supporters of the initiative. Two such supporters are of special note: Silken’s Active Kids, spearheaded by Silken Laumann: Her participation at the workshop and commitment to get children and families engaged in outside play puts a national and community focus on the issue in a way few organizations can.

photo of Silken Lauman speaking to the practitioners

Silken Laumann speaking to the participants

Bateman Art and Environmental Education Center (BAEEC): Although unable to attend the event himself Robert Bateman was represented at the gathering by his daughter, Sarah. The goals of his foundation and that of the Nature Child Reunion initiative align significantly.

photo of a participants during the closing remarks

Ed Andrusiak, GVRD Parks, presenting some closing remarks to the workshop