About the Initiative

photo of child in nature

Many people believe that we are misdirecting the activities of our young, and thus determining a future that few of us would want children to live in. There is a link between the lack of nature in the lives of today’s wired generation — Richard Louv calls it nature deficit — to some of the most disturbing childhood trends such as obesity, depression and the high prescription rate of drugs, especially anti-depressants. Yet the solution is just outside, often right in your own backyard or neighbourhood park.

The Kesho Trust’s Nature Child Reunion initiative and the Child & Nature Alliance which we support aim to re-enchant children with the wonder of nature and an understanding of the web of life. Parents, grandparents, teachers, group leaders, in short, all those who are motivators and facilitators of children’s activities, can have a role fostering a closer connection between children and the natural world.

Consider the facts:

Nature Child Reunion is a cooperative initiative in which all families, parents, organizations, governments and institutions involved with children and nature can participate in making the environment and our society one that encourages the healthy development of children through free and imaginative play in natural environments.